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Why join  a peer group with Vantage?

Leaders grow best in community.

Experience personal, spiritual, and professional growth as part of our community. We believe one of the most powerful catalysts for growth is relationships with other Christians. And we are building a community of Christian business leaders and professionals growing together. 


God did not design maturity and growth to be a “do it yourself” project, or to be pursued in isolation. Become part of our community and tap into an essential resource you need to become the person God desires you to be. Connect with a Vantage Group and grow together.


Get clear on what God has created, redeemed and positioned you to do in life. Discover how your abilities, passions, and opportunities align for you to make a kingdom impact. Discerning God’s call infuses your work with greater purpose and enables you to joyfully persevere through life’s challenges.


Vantage is developing spiritual leaders who make an eternal difference. We focus on developing the character, convictions, and competencies of servant leadership. This is a life-changing and deeply rewarding pursuit that will require you to be committed, teachable, and willing to invest in the lives of others. 

Join these companies and many others who are shaping the leaders of tomorrow of the
glory of God and the good of our city

Over 30 years of connecting and growing Christian leaders in the Huntsville Metro marketplace

“In the whirlwind of life with my marriage, 3 small kids, and business ownership, I’ve always been quick to cut out friendships and fellowship with peers. I certainly have never prioritized it. Vantage provided me the opportunity to connect with Godly men as friends and accountability partners. Those friends have truly become brothers, and I’m thankful every day for the impact that my Vantage group has had in my life. The accountability, encouragement and support have been blessings that I didn’t know I needed.” – Rob M.
“As our world continues to distance itself from Christian beliefs and spiritual values, my Vantage Group serves as an oasis. Each week I am thankful to meet with men who have a desire to sharpen their workplace talents through Biblical based instruction and discussion. These meetings bring greater hope and joy to my walk with the Lord.” – Lin B.

“Vantage has given me the opportunity to be spiritually challenged and inspired by other Christian men from all different walks of life. Having a community to be vulnerable and transparent with is something that was missing in my walk of faith, but Vantage has provided that. I’ve grown to trust others more with personal struggles, and to be a rock for men to lean on in their own struggles. I’m incredibly thankful for the Vantage community and look forward to continuing to walk with them.”– Garrett S.

“Joining a Vantage Group has helped me connect with others in Huntsville who are facing some of the same challenges I am – family, job, and other life decisions – and want to make those decisions from the same spiritual perspective and values. The speakers at the Vantage lunch events are uniformly inspiring, and I always come away with an idea or two that stays with me. Nathan and team are well organized and the venues where events and meetings happen are first rate as well. If you’re considering making more of a connection in your spiritual life, get in touch with them!” -Gary S.

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