Member Commitment and Expectations

by | May 9, 2024

At its core, this group experience is about connecting with people. And we believe those connections are an essential resource for our personal, spiritual, and professional growth. In order to develop those meaningful connections, and build authentic community with others, it is critical for each member to make the following four commitments.


  1. Commitment to be present and engaged. The full value of this group will only be achieved if members show up each week. Your commitment to be here is vital.
  2. Commitment to be honest and reflective about where you are. In order to build authentic community, members are invited to share parts of their personal stories.
  3. Commitment to accept others where they are. Each member is at a different place in life. This group is committed to meeting you where you are without judgment.
  4. Commitment to confidentiality. Personal details shared by others in this group must stay within this group. Each person’s story is their own to share.